Dip. Pengajian Sukan UiTM (18/4/15)

Hi guys, this is an update for those SPM leavers that interested in the Sports Science course (based on personal experience). 

On 16th April 2015, my UPU result came out and I got an offer for the UiTM Diploma of Sport Studies (Dip. Pengajian Sukan). BTW, the UPU result for the course that needed an interview is earlier than the usual UPU result (please keep yourself updated with the UPU result- Refer HERE). You will be given an offer letter and checklist for all the things that you need to bring along during the interview session. (Such as certified certificate, IC photocopy and original, etc.) 

18 April 2015, the time has come. In my entire life, I have never been this nervous. You need to prepare physically and mentally. Because you will need to go through a fitness test and interview session. 

My interview session took place at UiTM Shah Alam. So the first thing you need to do is fill all the form that has been provided on the actual date.  You will be divided into a few groups. Group by group will be called to go through the fitness test (please wear sports attire from home and spare formal attire). The fitness test consists of 4 which are agility T-Test, 5 levels sit up, static jump, and bleep test. There will be a briefing at each session before proceeding to the test so don't worry. 

OFC, every test has its own rubric. Such for the agility T-Test ladies, you need to pass less than 10 sec. For bleep test at least level 5. Please do some research or watch youtube for every test so you can prepare yourself. MAKE SURE the one who holds your bleep test form KNOW&RECOGNIZE you (there is a case where the bleep test form mixed up between the candidates). 

Don't worry too much if you are unable to meet the requirement (but at least try your hardest) because you still got a chance in the interview session. After you finish your fitness test, you will gather all the fitness test results to bring together with other documents for the interview session. You'll be given some time to change attire and a quick shower before the interview session. The quicker you got, the faster you can finish the day. So be fast! 

Please take note, English is the mother tongue of UiTM so OFC the interview sessions will conduct in ENGLISH. In my case, the interview session took part in the hall. There are few stations in the hall. The first station will check if you have complete or missed documents needed, they even check if you did not certify your document. If you got your complete certified documents they will give you the Panel number. 

The second station is a "waiting" station. Sit back and relax. There will be someone that will call your panel number if it is your turn. The last station is the interview station. 2 candidates at one time, 2-3 interview panels. 

The question is depends on the panel itself. In my case, I was asked a few questions regarding the current sports issue, meaning of some acronym such as OCM, NOC (both international and local), and some small talk about yourself such as smoking habit and even asked to recite some of the popular Surah such Al-Mulk or Yassin. Worry-free, mostly the panel is the Sports Science lecturer and they are so sporting and supportive. 

I passed the test, Alhamdulillah. Now I am 24 y/o finished my degree in Bachelor of Sports Science (Hons.) and currently work as a nutrition consultant while having a productive lifestyle and a part-time personal trainer. 

I hope this post helpful for you. Don't forget to share if you find this entry is beneficial. Thank you.