How To Take Care Shoe Properly

Taking care of the shoe or your favorite sneakers can be a little tricky sometimes. Discover all the dos and don't and get all the tips that may help you. This entry will give you a better picture of how to take care of your shoes. 

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  1. Do not wash your shoe too frequent
    A frequent wash of your shoe can cause fading in color due to chemical substances contained inside the detergent. So, to make sure your shoe always looks new make sure to not wash your shoe too frequently. But OFC, do not let it sit in the dirt like mud. If you just went for a light walk in the alley just simply wipe the sole with wet wipes. 

  2. Do not dry your shoe directly under the sun
    Shoes can be as sensitive as our skin. Scorching hot from the sun can fade the color of your sure. Be sure to dry under the sun but not directly as air-drying may cause your shoe to have a dark spot.

  3. Do not use a hard bristle brush
    Most of the shoes are made from fabrics. A hard bristle brush can damage your shoe or reduce the quality of your shoe. Be sure to use a soft bristle brush instead. 

  4. Use toothpaste
    Do you realize the white area at the sole part can turn yellowish after some time? This is totally normal. It may be caused by moisture or high humidity. You can simply use the magic sponge that has been dipped into a water-detergent mixture and scrub the yellow part or use toothpaste. Spread the toothpaste evenly on the yellow area, let it sit for a while, brush it, and wash it off with a clean cloth or water. 

  5. Hang to dry
    Most of the people dry the shoes by letting them sit and just like that. It is not wrong. But you may upgrade it by hanging your shoes to dry. This can let the sun dry your shoe thoroughly and quicker. 

  6. Make sure to wash thoroughly
    As mentioned earlier, a chemical substance contained in the detergent may fade your shoe's color. Sometimes when you dry your shoe there are some rust spots at the fabric's area.  This may be triggered by the detergent residue. To remove it you can simply wash your shoe thoroughly and make sure there is no soap residue left. 

  7. Use Scott bright, toothbrush, or magic sponge 
    For the sole area or the rubber area, you may use Scott's bright, toothbrush, or magic sponge to clean. As this material is soft and "shoe friendly". Again, you can use toothpaste to clean. 

  8. Use baking soda/silica gel as a deodorizer
    The shoe is most-likely absorbs moisture. A smelly shoe may be caused by trapped moisture.  To remove the trapped moisture use baking soda or silica gel. To be extra put a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the baking soda and place it in the tea bag or any container put inside your shoe. This will immediately remove the odor. 

  9. Newspaper as a drying agent
    As mentioned before, tapped moisture can be the source of smelly shoes. Instead of baking soda and silica gel, the newspaper also can absorb the extra moisture inside the shoe. You may combine baking soda/silica gel with newspaper to maximize the absorption of the moisture. 

  10. Put something inside the shoes
    This tip is to ensure the shoes are in the right shape. Sometimes we just throw the shoes anywhere this can impair the appearance of the shoe. Our feet also can be the reason for the shoe to be out of shape. To reshape the shoe you can put something inside it as simple as crumpled paper.

  11. Layered with a tissue while drying
    These tips can be used on white fabrics sneakers. Wrap your shoe thinly with some tissue when you want to dry it after washing. This can help with avoiding the shoe becoming yellowish after some time. 

  12. Use perfume or essential oil
    Some people love their shoes to smell fragrant. To do so, you just need some tissue with perfume or a cotton ball with a few drops of essential oil. Just put it inside your shoe. Be sure not to combine with baking soda as baking soda may absorb the fragrant smell.