10 step How To Bleach Denim Jacket

Assamalumaikum and HI, 

From dark colour jeans to light blue.

This post gonna teach you how to lighten your dark jeans. 

I have an old denim jacket that I never wear before because I don't like the colour. So, I bleach it to make it more fashionable and attractive. As u can see in the picture the colour transformation. 

U can use this tutorial in any denim (jeans, jacket, short or whatever that made of denim)

p/s: PLEASE USE GLOVE bcs u dont want to bleach ur skin.

1. Prepare the WARM WATER in the sink or bucket or anything suitable. 
  • Make Sure it is a WARM WATER / Hot water to activate your bleach u must use the WARM water. Don't ever use the cold water (this will not bleach anything).
  • I put warm water half of my medium size bucket.
2. Pour the bleach (2-3 cup) in the warm water/bucket
  • The more the bleach that u pour in the bucket, the faster the colour transform.
3. Mix together the bleach and the warm water.

4. Put your cloth in the solution. 

5. Make sure everything wet. 
  • To make sure everything wet u must squeeze you cloth in the solution. Careful! Not to get ur hand wet by the bleach. 
6. Let the cloth change colour till reach the shade that u like. 
  • The shade can be lightened after u wash the cloth. Pls be careful not to over shade ur jeans. You CANT rewind the step.
7. Squeeze the excess bleach. 

8. Throw your cloth in the washing machine
  • DO NOT WASH USING HAND bcs it will give you the spot effect.
  • DO NOT mixed ur bleach cloth with other. Bcs the colour will affect the other cloth
  • U can put some fabric soap
9. Dry the cloth.
  • U can use dryer/ manual