August 13,

I am as a left handed writer, wishing all the left handers HAPPY LEFT-HANDERS DAY.

As a left handed there's a lot of adjustment in our life. Bcs the fact, 90% populations in this world are the right-hander. There's gadget, tools and more are designed for the "right" (no,you r wrong actually). Haha.

And most of the people are forgetting the special abt left-handers.

So let me  share a few fact abt left-handers

  • We hear speech differently
  • We r minority in the world
  • We r creative
  • We easily get angry
  • We easily embarrassed
  • We have our own special day (International Left Hander's Day)
  • Our IQ is highest than right-handers
  • We have high risk in health disease
  • Most of the sports person is a left-handed
And again..