Event Coordinator for Birthday Party

Assalamualaikum, hi :)

Okay, yesterday was a day to remember. 1st experience being an event coordinator to the birthday party event.

I have some of the experience (ofc) of managing an event. But this was my very 1st time do an event for the birthday party.

I can say that yesterday got lit.

Haha, k tak ada lah lit sgt actually. IN MY OPINION abt the event, the event was quite 'suram' bcs of the audience did not put that much of support to the event, the DESSERT not arrives on time while the dessert table is ready, and the plan was not going as scheduled due to the late coming audience.

Other than that the event flow was quite well, and still under control. My personal rate is 4.5 star for the team. And 3 star for the audience (all is for the kids actually) (bcs i love kid so much).

And ofc the ending of every event is the moment every event coordinator waiting for. Hahahaha, bcs the ending is the result of ur effort. Does the event went successfully or the opposite. Everyone was very happy especially kak bella. Haha. So for my perception, the event was doing well.

I had great memories abt the event. Thank you guys especially my boss ofc. 💗

Qila a.k.a Lyana

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