Hormonal Change

K tajuk dia hahahaaha.

Recently, i just realize myself having a hormone change (i think so) hahaha. Bcs im not that kind of feminine. Ofc i am a woman. A sweet little girl. But i am the boyish style.

From the sport, i start to love fashion. I mean i still love sport. But i never think wht i should wear or wht i shouldn bfr this.. As long as tutup aurat then i ready to go. But since when im not sure, i start to choose i want to wear to look good. And obsessed in OOTD. Hahahaha.

And the most big change abt myself i start to love thing the most i hate and the most my skin hate. Which is...... MAKE UP. Hahahaa, i start to watch pretty girl to being inspired at utube, instagram. And i even learn how to make up from utube.

With the skill i have since i born (creative) k just kidding. I start to practicing my make up skill with my sister makeup. Hahaha. Im not even have a brush weh. Pls lah understand me.

But i still not comfortable to going out with my make up on. While others is not comfortable with naked face.

And i did mention above make up is the thing my skin hate the most. YES. My skin is very very sensitive. I can get pimpleS and my skin will dry like a dead leave. Since my skin is easily makeup i didnt wear anything since i was kid k. Even the baby powder.

Yes, if u see me outside that was my naked face k.

If i have a big event or important event ill wear my lip balm to give some colour to myself.

Hahaha, but somehow somewhere i start to get involve in makeup, fashion, beauty obsession (tapi tak ada lah smpai plastic surgery as long as halal and can bring to solat).

I ask my bestfriend why this is happening on me. And my bestfriend's answer was

you're having ur hormone change girl. Control urself woman.

Pray for me peeps. Hahaha.


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