Konvokesyen UiTM ke-89

Hai, assalamualaikum. On 21 November 2018, im officially graduated on Diploma in Sport Studies. Yeayyy. This scroll is not only just a scroll or just a ceremony where someone received their scroll. But this ceremony flashback what we have been through together, the ups and down during studying, and received the scroll with honor.  

I hate telling the negative side, but i want ppl to know receiving the scroll is not easy. It is a part of an achievement. You need to go through the storming, the rain before u can see the rainbow after. In my case, during my second semester, i went through a lot of pain. I lost my grandfather, at the same time im diagnosed with prolapse intervertebral disc (PID), and i got isolated by my friend. But it's a fate that i must accept with an open heart and let past be past. #spreadlove 

But that is the reality of life, the bitter truth of reality that u will need to go through later or sooner. Maybe a little bit different about the storyline. Everyone of us have different storyline, have different challenge that we need to face.

Im proud of myself that i made it untill this far. and im proud of my friend that they did it too. I wish all the best for u guys in the future. Thank you for being by my side whenever i need. Especially my ex-roommate, hanis farhana. Thank you for the effort, advice, fun, lesson, and memory that u gave me. Thank you too to everyone that being part of me during my diploma. Last, achievement is not easy, u might fall during the process, but stand up and keep on track and focus on your mission. In sha Allah u will make it.