Skin Care 2019

Click image to zoom in and out and for a clear image. Yes, it awful, embarrassed, and disgusted. But i just want u guys to know, pimple, acne is totally normal. Acne is the most common skin problem among teenagers and adult. So be confident with yourself and treat it well. Acne is not permanent if u treat them well. Acne CAN be cured. So dont worry, and dont give up. 

Disclaimer: this review is not paid review. This is an honest review that i tested and be doing for myself. 

Recently, i already update about my skin care journey. Read HERE. So this is my updated skincare routine. The previous post im focusing on reducing my acne. This post is having a complete basic routine. My skin is an oily type. 

Morning Routine:
1. Cleanser/face wash- Cetaphil oily skin cleanser
2. Moisturizer- Aiken tea tree oil moisturizer
3. Acne gel- Benzac 5% (Galderma)
4. Sunscreen- Biore perfect block milk (liquid)

Night routine:
1. Cleansing oil- Hada labo cleansing oil
2. Cleanser- Cetaphil oily skin cleanser 
3. Aloe vera gel- Fruit of the earth
4. Moisturizer- Aiken tea tree oil moisturizer
5. Acne gel - Differin gel (galderma)

1. Scrub (once a week) - I use many brands for the scrub as long as it is not too harsh for my skin and free from the ingredient that may cause irritant.
2. Mask- I use a clay mask (ikut mood), and sheet mask that mostly for moisturizing and contain hyaluronic acid.
3. Toner- U can include this in your skincare routine but im not a big fan of the toner (for now). But im using hada labo hydrating light lotion (green tag).
4. Micellar water- To clear my skin surface especially to remove my sunscreen (for my wudhu)

P/s: Please alert that product that works on me may not work on you. Please get dermatologist advice or do the patch test and check your skin concern before following my routine.