Tips for healthy skin

Clean your face
Yess people, you need to clean your face thoroughly, dont rush and dont let it sit on your face too long. Look for a cleanser that suitable with your skin type. It is advisable for you to do double cleansing method to clean your pores. Even you are not using any makeup, other skin care product such waterproof sunscreen may cause dirt to sit on your face. Dirt that clogged in your pores may cause acne.  Exfoliate your skin once a week (at least) to remove all the dead skin and specks of dirt inside your pores. 

Hydrate & moisturize your skin 
Even if you are oily skin type, your face still needs to be hydrated. For oily skin type, look for the gel moisturizer or moisturizer that contain humectant and emollient ingredient. Avoid occlusive it may cause excess oil production on your skin. Hyaluronic, glycerin is star ingredient to look for hydration product. Hydrate product is mostly watery texture (like a toner). Moisturizer is gel and creamy texture. Hydration purpose is to pull the water to your face and moisturizer is to lock water or trap water on your face. 

Wear sunscreen in the morning 
Even u sit inside the house, u still need to wear sunscreen to avoid hyperpigmentation or dark spot on your face. UV light characteristic is high energy. It can enter your house, can go through your window, curtain. So sunscreen can prevent UV light attack your skin.

Treat your acne 
Look for product contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Dont go with too high dosage. It may cause burning and inflame to your skin. If you are sensitive skin type look for the lowest concentration. Essential oil such tea tree oil also might help to reduce your acne. 

Let your skin breath
If you have acne prone skin please avoid using makeup until your acne soothes down. and please please please seek for an authentic dermatologist. If you are using makeup please clean your face thoroughly. Use makeup remover and cleansing oil to clean deeply until pores. 

Change your lifestyle
Please take care of your hygiene. Change your bedsheet once a week. Change your face towel. Drink plenty of water. Eat more fiber. Workout. Eat healthily. "You are what you eat"