Degree Life

Life isnt easy right? Same goes to my degree life. I haven't felt like im lost and frustrated as much as im in degree. Im not a big fan of writing on my personal life. But im here to tell u how different the expectation and reality.

My expectation:
It only took me 2 years to finish my degree. While im suffered 3 years to finish my diploma studies. So i guess everything will doing justtt fine. I will survive.

The reality:
Im facing a mild depression. I engage in stress. My performance is drop. Im not sure whether it caused by switching my study venue or myself. I cannot get even 3 pointer for my 2nd semester. But i manage to get dean list award for my diploma. Yes, it so frustrated.

I get C for my 4 credit hour courses. It's not easy guys. Im not trying to lower u guys confidence level but it is not easy. Not only me. All my batch facing the same problem.

But life needs to move on. We strike our best until the end. We didnt give up. This semester was our last semester in UiTM Seremban. Next semester we will be in a different direction. Because we all will have our practical training according to our own choice and ofc FYP. In Sha Allah I'll give my best to make my parents proud. In Sha Allah. 

All I want to say is, whatever decision that u guys made for yourself i wish you guys all the best. Trust Allah, trust yourself. Make ur parents proud and make urself proud too. Happiness is a decision that u made for urself. Stay strong till the last war. U can do it and dont forget to smile.