Honest Review: Aiken Moisturizer

RM 11-15 
Available in watson & guardian (almost all drugstore)
Online: shopee & Lazada

Texture: Very light and watery (suitable for oily skin)
Ingredient list: click HERE

Contain tea tree oil (good for acne fighting and oil control)
Very light texture 
Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)
Doesn't cause a breakout
Have UV protection

Not suitable for sensitive skin 
Cause burning, redness, might irritate after a while 
In jar container (not hygiene)
Contain fragrance

My Opinion:
I wear them for about 2 months. I love how it absorbs into my skin. Doesn't leave any greasy feeling but i felt like enough hydration for my oily. It also doesn't cause me breakout and help me fighting my acne. The ingredient was also safe beside of its affordable price and easy to reach. However, after awhile i found this moisturizer caused my skin to become red beside of its burning effect. Maybe because of the tea tree oil and acne fighting agent. I also need to change the moisturizer into the pump container for a hygine purpose.

Yes for mild acne and oily skin 
No for prone acne and dry/sensitive skin