Curly Hair Routine

Having a natural curly hair is so TROUBLESOME! It is harder than you think it is. Harder to manage, harder to style. That's why I always wanted to straighten my hair. Have you always monologue like this to yourself? Don't worry I'll share with you simple tips to make sure your hair stays curly, hydrated, and always in place. So chin up, sit back and read. Only 5 steps toward your goal!

  1. Use wide comb
    Always your wide comb to detangle your hair. Do not use a brush even on wet hair. Because small bristle brush may damage your natural curl and just make it frizzy. 

  2. Leave-in conditioner
    As you always heard about. Use a leave-in conditioner. Apply the conditioner to your wet hair while crunching it. This way will make your hair bouncy and hydrated. You don't need a really expensive leave-in conditioner, all you need is to find a leave-in conditioner that suits your own hair. 

  3. Trimming 
    Curly hair may damage and become dry at the end of the hair. So every month make sure you always trim the dead end. The dead-end of curly hair worse than you imagine. It can be straight, rough, and coarse. To prevent that from happening always trim about 1cm every month.  

  4. Curl product
    Choose your curly product wisely. Do not follow products that always hype in the market. Mostly they design it for straight hair. Find the one that suits your curly type (coil, big curl, or wavy). Stick to the basics! You just need shampoo and conditioner. Always keep it simple yet efficient. 

  5. Style your curl
    You may style your curl with gel. My favorite is aloe vera gel. You don't need a really fancy gel. Just make sure it is "gel". Your choice whether to diffuse your hair to dry or just air dry. Less heat the better. 

That all my all-time favorite curly hair routine. P/s: whenever you wake up just spray your hair with some water and apply the leave-in conditioner and gel. Your hair will get back to its own shape whenever it dry. And remember, always to keep it simple.