10 Tips How to Gain Weight Fast and Safe

Being an underweight population, and having a target to have an ideal weight and a nice hot body needs to be disciplined. Adding weight can be hard as losing weight. Being a victim of body shaming is not fun! Without further due let's jump into the tips on how to gain weight fast and safely. (EVIDENCE-BASED)

  1. Track your calorie intake
    Even if you are eating 5 meals a day if your calorie is not enough all you did was an effort to lose weight. Download calorie tracker apps on your phone to make sure you eat enough calories. In order to gain weight, you need more calorie intake than burned calories.

  2. Watch your diet
    Please bear in mind, you want to gain muscle not fat. So eat healthy food. Choose healthy food. Simple, instead of fry, try grill or air fry. Instead of oily food try boiled food and soup. Eat more protein than fat. You need carbohydrates to gain weight but do not over the limit. An excessive amount of carbs will turn to fat. Remember, we want to gain muscle not fat.

  3. Do some strength training exercise
    Get move! Lift heavy weight. To gain muscle and muscle strength, you need high load low repetition. If u cant go to the gym, use anything around you such as a water bottle, a bag of cement, your younger sister, etc. Just be creative. *Please wear safety gear such as proper sports attire, back - knee - wrist supporter before lifting really heavyweight. Or get yourself a personal trainer- especially if you are a beginner!

  4. Avoid cardio training
    To gain weight you need to avoid cardio exercise. Cardio exercise burns more calories than resistance training. A light warm-up will do- you can jog lightly for 5 min or just enough to make your body sweat and increase your body temperature. Do not do it excessively. Or else you will lose weight.

  5. Consider taking a protein shake
    Protein is very good to build up muscle and helps muscle recovery. However, protein can make you feel dehydrated. Drink more water. U may take protein before- help to sustain muscle strength and after exercise- help muscle recovery. Choose a protein that contains carbs together to gain more weight. Another name of carbs is maltodextrin (u may take a look at the ingredient list). If purchasing a protein shake is too costly for you, try to DIY at home with this RECIPE.

  6. Taking supplement
    A supplement is something u need if u are LACK of something. Eg: lack vitamin A even if you are taking vitamin A from food, then u need a vitamin A supplement. So, do not simply take a supplement. Consult with your doctor first. If you are lack vitamins is the reason why you can't gain weight then, the doctor might prescribe you a multivitamin, b-complex, etc.

  7. Seek a physician
    Seeking a physician before proceeding to any training or routine is a very good option! Involuntary weight loss can be a ton of reasons such as obstructive apnea, cancer, issues with the GI tract, depression, etc.

  8. Drink milk
    Milk is very good for gaining weight. It contains high calcium and high calorie. As you are workout you might consider taking calcium. Calcium can protect yourself from fracture (might happen when doing the wrong posture or lifting too heavy load). Calcium will increase your bone density! Besides, you can increase your calorie intake too! 1 glass of milk contains roughly 11g of carbs and 8g of fat with 149Cal.

  9. Do not drink before a meal
    Drinking a looooootttt of water can help us maintain good health. However, you need to consider taking your drink before your meal. Drinking a lot of water in one shot can make u feel full resulting in eating less portion of your meal. You want high calories, you need to eat more. Avoid water before and during the meal. Take your drink after 10 min of your meal.

  10. Watch your lifestyle
    In order to gain weight, you need to practice a healthy lifestyle. Get a more productive day. Do not sit on your bed all day long. Sleep early, wake up early, prepare your meal, have some workout and reading session, or do yoga practice your breathing. Be sure to sleep early! Lack of sleep also can be one of the reasons why you didn't gain weight. Take care of your mental and physical health. A healthy lifestyle will lead to a healthy BMI.

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