Movement Control Order (MCO) | Malaysia

2020 is a quite challenging year for me, for us, for everybody. Where our world been attacked by a virus so-called Corona/ Covid-19. (Read more about MCO HERE). MCO or movement control order is not easy for most people. The salary has been cut, the business cannot get any income, etc. However, that is the best option for us and the country to stay safe. I know it is not healthy for our mental but somehow I believe this is the right moment to change our day to become a productive day. Actually a lot of things you can do when you have time at home. 

Even though we cannot continue with our usual day wakeup and 6.30 prepare breakfast. Facing jammed. Go to work. Lunch. Back home. Get the payslip monthly. But trust me. MCO is not that hard. 

Do not focus on what you actually lost and sit all day in your room. All you did was tortured your mental. Instead, get a move. Be active. Try new things. Focus on what you actually already have. Spend time with your fams. Etc. I shared 20 activities that you can do during MCO.

  1. Workout
  2. Makeover your room
  3. Online shopping
  4. Read the blog according to your interest
  5. Try to pair and match your outfit
  6. Create a new recipe
  7. Video call with your BFF
  8. Recite Quran and understand the meaning
  9. Understand all the meaning of your bacaan in solat
  10. Explore new thing (eg: how the snake poop)
  11. Try yoga for a better breathing technique
  12. Study your work (eg: how to be a better sales promoter)
  13. Invest in your interest (eg: new skincare?)
  14. Play games or a new game
  15. Spend time with your family (TALK more with your family)
  16. Watch Netflix/ iflix/ youtube
  17. Make some DIY project (eg: drawer partition using cardboard)
  18. Try new apps on your phone 
  19. Do live on Instagram stories and interact with  your followers
  20. Play with your pet
See? Don't get used to an unhealthy lifestyle. Change your routine to a productive day. Btw, see the live update about Covid-19 at Malaysia on the right segment of this blog (desktop version) or downside (mobile version). You can simply click the picture and it will lead you to current live status on Covid-19 in Malaysia.

That's all from me. Don't forget to stay at home. Stay safe. Love you guys!