Double Cleansing

Hi, assalamualaikum. Recently I shared the review about oil cleanser HERE. But there are some of you who do not know about cleansing oil or double-cleansing. So here is everything you need to know about the double cleansing method, oil cleanser, or cleansing with oil. (EVIDENCE-BASED)

What is double cleansing?
A double cleansing method is well-known in Korea or now even worldwide. Double cleansing is a method where u wash your face twice by using both different cleansers. The 2 different cleansers are known as an oil-based cleanser and water-based cleanser.  

What is the difference between a water-based and oil-based cleanser?
Water-based cleanser basically uses to remove all the water-based impurities such as sweat. While oil-based cleanser used for removing all the oil-based impurities such as waterproof makeup, waterproof sunscreen, sebum to prevent blockage at your pores.

Why is it so important?
Water cannot attract the oil or sebum as the water cannot be combined with oil which might cause clogging pores. Oil cleansers also able to remove makeup besides acne-causing impurities such as clogging pores and stubborn dirt. Removing makeup harshly, or using harsh chemical can cause acne too as the abrasive cleansing agent cause skin irritate and dry which may lead to Vulgaris acne. Oil cleanser is formulated with oil which can easily get off when emulsified with water. 

How to do the cleansing with oil thing?
There are only 3 steps on the method of how you want to cleanse your face with oil: 
  1. With a clean and dry hand lather the oil cleanser to your dry face.
  2. Emulsify with a little bit of water and massage it until you feel all the makeup and dirt already melts- it will turn to milky texture. 
  3. Rinse everything.
  4. Followed by a water-based cleanser. 
What is the example of the best oil cleanser or best cleansing oil in Malaysia's drugstore?
  1. Hada Labo cleansing oil- Read Review HERE

  2. Simple cleansing oil

  3. Neutrogena cleansing oil