Healthy Meal to Gain Weight

"I eat a lot.. But my weight keeps on reducing." "I already tried everything but I still underweight." "I eat 5 meals a day but everything seems useless."  Don't worry and DO NOT GIVE UP. There must be a reason. Check your schedule and your routine. How is your lifestyle? What kind of exercise you do? and What you eat? How many meals you take every day?

Every day u need to eat more than your target calorie. Even though you eat 5 meals a day, it might be your calorie intake is still low. Take more protein and carbs, and eat high-calorie food but low fat. Remember, you want to have an ideal weight with a nice shape, you don't want to increase fat.

Let me show you how my meal looks like every day.

In the morning I eat a lot as my body requires a lot more energy compared to the evening. I prepare my meal as in the picture. I make sure I hit at least 900Kcal in the morning but still low in the fat. Around 10am or 12pm, I drink my protein shake as an addition to my calorie intake. I am a big eater, I can drink my protein together with my lunch meal. But if u cant eat both at one time, gap your meal. Protein can make you feel full.

For my lunch meal, I eat about 1 heaping cup of basmati rice (sometimes more)- basmati contains less starch. With red beef soup- red beef contains high protein. I'm not forgetting my fiber intake that is why I include some veggie to my soup. 

In the evening, I make my protein smoothie. Read HERE for the recipe. It makes me so full. So at night, I just having my fruit to make sure I get enough fiber for a better bowel movement as I eat a lot and I need to take care of my digestive system too.

My tips are if you want to have an ideal weight and a hot body. Be disciplined! Wake up early, prepare your meal. And track your calorie intake. It might be hard for a beginner but once you get used to it, everything will get easier. Trust me!

Good luck and if I can do it, I believe every one of you can achieve your ideal weight too!