Honest Review: Simple Toner

Before purchasing any skincare please check the label, analyze the ingredient list, and read the review!  I'll make it easier for you. This post will provide you full ingredient analyzing, with the review of simple toner. I will make it simple as the name of the product is a SIMPLE TONER. Let's start!

RM 14.80-19.70 (200ml)
Available at all drugstore
Online: shopee, lazada, etc (look for authentic product only!)

Texture: Very very light weight and watery almost like water
Ingredient list: click HERE 

No artificial perfume
No colouring
No harsh chemical
Very lightweight
No sticky or tacky
Minimal ingredient
Contain niacinamide

Contain paraben

My Opinion:
I wear them as my skincare routine since late 2019 till now (2020). I really really love the texture. It contains a very simple ingredient which I like. Also good for brightening and anti-aging because it contains Niacinamide. But I didn't see much difference. But it terms of it calming the sensitive skin it is a perfect toner! This is my all-time favorite toner. I can't find any toner that better than this so far. If you have oily skin, you will love this. If you have dry skin, also you will love this for soothing your sensitive skin, but in terms of hydration, you might want to include hydration toner in your skincare routine!

YES for all skin types!