Basic Supplement

The fundamental supplement you need in your life.

The supplement will come in handy if you want extra care of your health. Here I will list down what is the best supplement you need to take as basic health care. 

This post is not for pregnant or lactating mother or have a special health issue. (Please consult with your doctor first)

  1. Multivitamin
    Multivitamin is the most basic supplement that you need. Why I said so? Because multivitamins can help to fill in the nutritional gap. Multivitamins will give you complete daily nutrients. It consists of vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Before finding other supplements for your health issue you need to take a multivitamin first because some health issues might be caused by the deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals. A good multivitamin may have gender-specific, timed-release, and sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals according to the daily requirements. 

  2. Essential fat
    Essential fat like omega 3, the body cannot produce them. So u need to take from your food. Food that contains high omega 3 is deep-sea fish where we rarely eat. That is when the supplement comes in handy. Essential fat is important for our overall health. Because we need healthy fat for certain things such as regulate hormone.

  3. Antioxidant
    Example of antioxidant is vitamin C, OPC, vitamin A, vitamin E, etc. The antioxidant is very important to protect ourselves from free radicals. Free radicals are one of the unstable molecules or in an easier way to describe, it is a toxin that can damage your body (such speed up the aging process and easy to fall sick). Every one of us got free radicals due to our lifestyle (stress, poor sleeping schedule, exercise, pollutant) Besides, antioxidants can give you extra benefits such improve your immune system, brighten up your skin, etc. 

  4. Protein
    Do you ever wonder why when we get older, our muscles start to reduce and even some of them may get sarcopenia? This is because we are lack of protein! People who dislike fish may get a high possibility to get sarcopenia as they get older. First thing first, know your protein requirement (1.0 x BWkg). Even though you eat fish but due to preparation techniques, the protein may reduce at the end you only eat less than 50% of the protein. This is why you still need to consider taking a supplement instead to make sure you get enough protein. Protein is very important to sustain your muscle and to ensure you have a firm nice body even when you are getting older.
  5. Probiotic
    Every supplement or nutritious food that you eat may become useless or less effective if you have poor digestion! What are the symptoms of poor digestion? Your body will full of gas (feeling bloated), indigestion, and what you eat seems no effect to your body. Probiotic will help to balance friendly bacteria in your gut. Having enough good bacteria help to improve your digestion in terms of nutrient absorption and hard to fall sick. Good bacteria may die and lose in certain circumstances such as food poisoning or antibiotic drugs. You may want to take probiotics every day because good bacteria can only last for 48 hours! But if your probiotic get enough food (prebiotic) they can reproduce and grow.