Beginner Workout at Home Without Equipment - TABATA Workout

Hi guys,

Some of us wanted so much to start a healthy lifestyle, workout 3 times a week but somehow we don't have that much time to go to the gym, or hired personal trainers. So, COVID-19 give a big impact on our world the same goes for us. Movement control order has taught us how to spend our time wisely to avoid boredom. We have plenty of time to change our schedule, finish our work has been delayed all this time. You also can start your workout at home RIGHT THIS MOMENT!! You are a beginner? don't worry this post gonna teach you how to exercise at home as a beginner. 

This training program is using BODYWEIGHT TRAINING. So don't worry if you don't have any equipment.

  • Tabata is a 4-minute workout session with a high-intensity workout. This workout using a 2:1 workout rest ratio. 20-sec work and 10-sec rest.
  • Use TABATA workout music for more fun (my fav is Tabata workout music by Dr. Dre)! You can burn more calories and increase the intensity gradually.
  • Here is some example you can try at home:

    Full Body Workout: (HERE)

    -Donkey kick
    -Tricep dips
    -Shoulder tap
    -Superman IYT

    Lower Body Workout: (HERE)
    -Calf Raise
    -Fire hydrant
    -Kick back
    -Sidewalk squat
    -Plank squat jump
    -Step up
    -Lunges with knee raise

    Abs Workout: (HERE)
    Sit up
    -Leg raise
    -Heel touch
    -Russian twist
    -Mountain climber
    -Push up plank

    Upper Body Workout: (HERE)
    Tricep dip
    -Bird dog
    -Push up
    -Push up plank
    -Crossover push up
    -Superman IYT
    -Plank arm rotation (right)
    -Plank arm rotation (left)

  • Choose any 1 of the above according to your goal. Do it for 1 set. If you already adapt, gradually increase to 2. If you can do it for 4 sets you are ready for the next level (intermediate). 
  • You can combine any 2 of these for 1 week. Eg: Monday (Full body), Tuesday (Lower body), Wednesday (Rest), Thursday (Full body), Friday (Lower body), Sunday (Rest), Saturday (Active rest - Swimming, brisk walk, etc)
  • Tips: Always combine a full-body workout with any other workout so you can still get your dream body also achieving your goal.
  • GOOD JOB- Good things take time, don't give up!