How to Lose Weight

If losing weight is your goal then please stay till the last full stop cuz you'll get a better idea to help you lose weight. 

  1. Diet
    When you want to lose weight 1st thing you need to take care of is your diet. There is a study that states 80% of your weight management plan did not come in your training or workout session but comes from your diet. 

    You do not need luxurious food or high-class restaurant to give you nutrient-rich food. It is just as simple as how you take the food on one plate. Maybe following the guideline of the food pyramid might be too complicated for you.

    To be simple, you need to divide your plate into 3 sections which 1/2, 1/4, and 1/4. 1/2 is consists of fiber or as simple as fresh salad, vege, and fruits. while another 1/4 comes from carbs or your pasta, rice, bread, etc. The last 1/4 comes from your protein. You can choose either steak, meat, chicken, or fish. 

    The amount of fat in your food, you can control by the choice of your food (example: instead of white rice, you may want to change it to brown rice. Instead of fried chicken you may want to switch to roasted chicken) 

  2. Exercise
    Why you still need to exercise even the training only contributes 20% to your weight management is because exercise can be very helpful to increase your metabolism which can metabolize your food intake faster and use it as energy. Low metabolism resulting in more fat production because you can't use your food as energy. 

    Next is the type of exercise that play an important role in your weight management program. For example, you may want to choose cardio training instead of strength training because cardio can burn more calories than strength training. However, both also need to be balanced.

    Tabata training can be the best option. Read more HERE.