Skincare Routine 2020

Hi guys, if you guys haven't read my past skincare routine, feel free to click HERE! Okay, now we may continue. I have combination to oily skin. I've been struggling for almost 10 years with acne. Looking for a product that suits my skin was really challenging. After my acne calms a little bit, my skin was extremely drying and my skin barrier was really in a bad condition during that time. 

I have this kind of attitude where I hate wearing any moisturizer for my skin as I felt like all moisturizer is very thick and make my skin even worst and oilier. Finally in late 2019 till now, I stick with this skincare routine and I find out my skin gets a lot better. My pores are clearer than before, the texture of my skin getting better, and it's hard to get breakout again. Alhamdulillah. 

So without further due let's jump to my favorite skincare routine.

    As my previous skincare routine, I still using the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. I love how the texture and not irritate my skin. Even though it is not SLS free but it is gentle than other cleansers which are free SLS.

  2. TONER
    I use a different type of cleanser according to my skin concern during thattttt time.

    All-time fav toner: I use simple every day as it can calm my skin and balance my skin pH level before I proceed to the next step. I combine with another toner if needed such if my skin is extra dry I will combine with my hydrating toner. Read a full review of simple toner HERE.

    Hydrating toner: I'm using the Hada Labo light toning lotion. If you not yet read the review please click HERE. I cannot use this toner continuously as it will cause tiny bumps around my forehead(maybe I am allergic to some of the ingredients). However, in terms of hydration, this one really helps. It doesn't leave a sticky or tacky residue upon application

    Exfoliating toner: For exfoliating I use Cosrx BHA blackhead power liquid. I will use this toner 1-2 times a week. It is a very gentle exfoliating toner. No weird skin reaction upon application.

    This is my fav moisturizer EVER! The only thing I don't like about this moisturizer is it comes in a jar. But still, this is my holy grail product. I will do a review soon! Stay tuned! This one is Neutrogena hydro boost water gel. It was a gel type moisturizer.

    I wear sunscreen based on how my skin on that particular day.
    Combination to oily skin: I use Biore perfect milk. It is a matte finishing. Suitable for oily skin. I have no issues wearing this product.
    Combination to dry skin: I use Watson whitening sunscreen when my skin gets a little bit dryer than usual. This one is a dewy healthy look finishing. I love how fast this product absorbs without leaving any sticky or tacky feeling. However, throughout the day, my skin will get oilier.