What should I consume to lose weight?

What should I consume to lose weight?

This is the most common question you will ask yourself when you are struggling to lose weight. Many ways you've already tried. However, it still gave the same result. This is when you need supplementation to lose weight. This post will give you an idea of how you can choose your supplementation to lose weight fast yet effective also safe. 

  1. CLA/HLA
    CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid while HLA stands for High Linoleic Acid. Both come from Safflower oil. These ingredients are really helpful for breakdown the stubborn fat (eg: belly fat). How these ingredients work is by increasing the adiponectin hormones which are used to break down the fatty acid inside our body resulting in losing weight. 

  2. Carnitine/ L-carnitine
    A lot of the previous studies proved that L-carnitine can aid energy metabolism. The dosage can be varied. However, the best dosage which has the most studied is 2000mg per day can aid in the reduction of fat percentage. However, l-carnitine is the long-term supplementation (you need to consume in a few months to see the result).

  3. Fat burner
    The main ingredient of a fat burner is caffeine. Caffein can come in handy when you want to lose weight fast yet so effective. However, before consuming caffeine, you need to consider the side effect of the caffeine such as heart palpitation, over sweating, dizziness, or stomach upset. If you're allergic to caffeine or you are diagnosed with heart disease or high blood pressure, you may want to skip this fat burner. Caffeine can burn your fat and increase metabolism results in weight loss. 

  4. Meal replacement
    If you are one of the people who wanted to lose weight, a calorie is one of your biggest focuses. Meal replacement can be really helpful for you to observe your calorie intake. Meal replacement usually consists of complete nutrients to replace your food however it comes with really low calories and high in protein (to make you feel full). Nevertheless, you still need to take your normal meal from real food. It is advisable for you to replace your meal twice a day (maximum).

All of this supplementation you can take together to see the faster result. Safflower oil helps to breakdown your fat to ease the transportation (by l-carnitine) of your fat to be used. However, when your fat already gets to your active muscle you need a very high metabolism to burn your fat this is when the fat burner/ caffeine can come in handy. When you already get a complete supplementation to reduce the existing fat percentage, you need meal replacement to avoid the feature fat.