Best Hair and Scalp Care Tips for Hijabis

Wearing a hijab can protect our hair from sun damage. However, without the proper technique of taking care of hair will cause hair damage and scalp problem. Here I share some tips for hijabis for taking care of our hair. 

  1. Choose your shampoo
    I know you already choose your shampoo based ur hair concern. But you are still feel nothing changes right? Do you know that there is shampoo focus on hijabis right now? Because even though the shampoo can treat your hair but you need to bear in mind wearing hijab is not the same as free hair. So the way to treat it also different. Make sure you choose shampoo made for hijabis and the organic it gets the better. 

  2. Seek help from your Doctor
    You need to understand the main reason for your hair falling, scaly scalp, and other concerns. Because some of the medical conditions may trigger hair problems such as PCOS may cause man-type baldness.  Consult with your doctor before jump to any conclusion.

  3. Choose your pillowcase 
    Your hair already gets a lot of friction due to wearing a different type and style of scarf. So try to avoid any further friction during sleep. The best way to prevent this is to choose satin material for your pillowcase. A lot of friction will cause hair damage such as split end.  

  4. Use conditioner
    DO NOT SKIP this step!! Even you already have very good hair care, and the best shampoo in the world but your hair will still remain the same if you skip conditioner. The conditioner will restore the hydration, moisture of your hair, and protect your hair. 

  5. Take care of your diet
    A poor diet such as eating too much sugar or high-fat food will cause oily scalp and prone to hair damage such as dandruff. Try to eat a balanced diet and more protein as protein may strengthen your hair. 

  6. Watch your stress
    As mention earlier, some of the medical conditions may cause hair problems. This included stress! Do some meditation and relaxing methods to calm yourself and seek professional if needed. Remember to take care of yourself and mental health really matter. <3

  7. Let your hair free
    You already have a long hour wearing a hijab. So whenever you get the opportunities let your hair free included free from hairband or hair clip. Massage your scalp for 1-2 min can improve blood circulation to your scalp and this is my favorite method ever!!

  8. Dry your hair fully and in the correct way
    Especially if you have curly hair. Make sure you dry your hair to the roots before wearing anything (inc. hairband). Even your hair already dry, try to touch your hair root to make sure your hair fully dried. Moist scalp makes your hair very fragile.

  9. Understand your hair needs 
    Different hair has different needs. There is no specific treatment good for everybody. Try and error is the best method to know your holy grail hair product besides seeking a hair professional to diagnose your hair problem and choose the best treatment for you. 

  10. Choose your comb
    Choosing the right comb important in order to prevent the risk of hair breakage. Choose a very big and wide comb to detangle your hair before the brush is the best way to reduce hair fall.