Skytrex, Sg. Congkak

 Do you guys love extreme sport? This entry for you. 

Whoever knows me will know I am an adventurous girl. So I was taken to Skytrex, Sg. Congkak on my birthday. Basically, this Skytrex been build in the forest so that we can appreciate our nature better. Don't worry about feeling wants to pee and so on because Skytrex offers basic facilities such toilet, locker, and water. Let's deep into the FAQ. 

How I want to get there?

Operation Hour    : Every day from 9am-6pm
Location               : Batu 20, 1/2, Jalan Sungai Congkak, Kampung Padang, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor

How is the procedure to get in Skytrex?

  1. You can simply walk-in 30 min before start your slot or online booking on Klook or on the Skytrex website HERE.
  2. Choose your package. They offer 3 package which is the river thrill (easy),  rapid extreme (hard), and double dare (combine).
  3. The price depends on the package. Range (RM55- RM125/ person). You can add on something like a water bottle holder or glove.
  4. The instructor will give a quick briefing before you face the real challenge. And you are compulsory to practice after the briefing to make sure you fully understand the training provided for safety purposes. 
  5.  Throughout the challenge, there will be an instructor who will guide and monitor you until you finish all the challenges.

What are the activities provided?

Depends on the package you take. But these activities definitely will challenge those with acrophobia (afraid of height). Some of the activities offered are flying fox, ladder, bridge, and walking pipe. Seems easy? Try it yourself. 

Things you need to know.

Skytrex offers the same activities during this pandemic with the strict SOP. This is an extreme sports activity, not suitable for those with a special medical condition and small kids. They also have other branches at Melaka and Langkawi. And if you want to have special team activities such as team building and so on you may directly contact their team. The best time to come is in Morning cause the forest is much more cooler. 

That's all from me. I hope this entry will give you some enlightenment regarding Skytrex. Thank you for reading and GOOD LUCK! :)