How to Get Brighter Armpit

Having a dark armpit is a nightmare for all people, especially women. We want to look good, feel good, and be free to wear sleeveless whenever we want. Almost, everyone has experienced having a dark armpit. So this entry will guide you on how to get a brighter armpit based on my own experience and experiment. 

  1. Change your hair removal method
    Having hair on your underarms is totally NORMAL. But for me, I'm not comfortable with hair under my arm. The best way to remove hair is to pluck your hair instead of shaving or waxing. If you can afford laser hair removal then that is more than good. But for those who love hairless armpits, you may want to pluck or epilate your underarm. (Also read: Best hair removal method). I will put a small amount of aloe vera gel and avoid 24-hour deodorant after epilate to let my skin soothe.  (Click HERE to purchase the epilator.)

  2. Soothing toner after removing hair
    Usually, I will use soothing toner every time right after I exfoliate. Please note that every time you remove your body hair you will create inflammation. Soothing toner will help to soothe down the are that are inflamed.

  3. Avoid antiperspirant deodorant/aluminum
    Antiperspirant is the best for those who love sweat-free armpits. However, antiperspirant deodorant may block your sweat gland and cause other issues such as breast cancer. Try to look for organic antiperspirant with aluminum-free deodorant. For those who don't have a problem with excessive sweat, you may use mineral salt deodorant. Salt may help reduce the bacteria on the underarm that may cause a smelly armpit. 

  4. Exfoliate your armpit once a week (AT LEAST). Because armpit is also a part of our skin that renews the cell and has dead skin cells, especially those who shower and "forget" to wash their underarms. Choose an exfoliator that is mild and got small grain not too harsh. Because harsh exfoliators may cause small cuts which may cause a darker armpit. Or use Beta Hydroxic Acid (BHA) instead. As BHA functions the same as a physical exfoliator and it penetrates deep under the skin. 

  5. Chemical exfoliate
    This is my fav part. Every night I will put a little bit of mild AHA or Alpha Hydroxic Acid. This can help with ingrown and result in even skin tone. AHA is the chemical exfoliator that breakdown skin accumulation. Bear in mind, that high concentrations of AHA are not MEANT TO USE EVERY DAY. Look for a very mild AHA if you want to use it every day. 

  6. Moisturize
    Our underarm has thin skin and usually, the friction (each time we move our arm) will cause the skin to become darker. Your underarm can easily become darker if you have dry skin and create so much friction/ move a lot / wearing tight cloth. To reduce the friction and protect your underarm skin always apply the light brightening moisturizer every time after you use the toner or deodorant. 

  7. Let it breath
    How do you feel about wearing a mask every day? Suck right? The same goes for your armpit. Wear a loose shirt or sleeveless and let your underarm breathe. Tight clothing may result in friction of your underarm and may cause a dark armpit. Be sure to let your skin get the "fresh air" so that it can have its repair process normally.