SuperPark Malaysia

Basically, I'm the one who can be a feminine and adventure type of girl. So I just got back from Superpark Malaysia which is located in the middle of the city so you can enjoy window shopping while having fun at Superpark. Here's a very quick Q&A about Superpark Malaysia. 

How to get there?
Simply waze Avenue-K mall. Superpark located inside Avenue K on level 4. 

What activity offer?
I'm not able to finish all the activities provided. Haha because it's actually a lootttt. Just that there is a time limit for every activity. Don't go on pick hour or else u need to wait longer. 

How to buy the ticket?
You may simply walk-in or book on the Superpark website or can simply go to Klook (sometimes Klook offer different session than Superpark website offer). Select your session or u can take the 1-day pass (I took the 2 sessions (4 hours pass) but not able to finish all the activity). 

How much is the ticket?
Depend on what package you took. Range from RM 30-90 / person.  

Is it fun?
Of course!! The staff is very helpful and friendly. I also got the opportunity to learn skateboarding with their staff. (tips: go during not peak hour). Will I repeat? OFCCCC!!! 

How about MCO?
Some of the activities are close during MCO such as ice skating and trampoline. But there's still a lot of activity that you can enjoy. They have a sanitization break between every session so worry-free! They apply SOP for safety purposes. 

Don't forget to fill in your waiver form on their web HERE after booking the ticket. So you no need to que. 

Disclaimer: This is my honest review not paid or gift.