Dyshidrotic Eczema Journey

Dyshidrotic eczema is a skin condition involved in a lot of tiny blisters, scally, very itchy, and inflamed skin. A lot of things can trigger such as soap, metal, certain ingredients in skincare or hair products, water exposure,  humidity, dust, etc (almost everything can be the reason). This is my dyshidrotic eczema journey and what I do to recover. 

My very first time skin thinning progress around my fingertips. Every time I cook or clean I will feel something wrong with my finger. Very hot, red, and painful but no wound or blister noticed. 


On my diploma year (2015 till 2017), my finger start to become very itchy, inflamed, and a small blister noticed. Seek dermatologist in Kuala Lumpur diagnosed with dyshidrotic eczema and been prescribed steroid cream, ointment, and anti-histamine pills. On and off eczema flare. My fingerprint starts to fade. 

My degree year (2017-2020), even though my eczema on and off but my eczema become worst. Scratching non-stop, wound, crack skin, scally skin, worse blister noticed. I cannot sleep, and every night is a nightmare for me cause usually my eczema flare at the night. Still prescribed with the same med but higher dosage of anti-histamine pills.


In January 2021, I seek other dermatologists nearby Selangor. Got my very 1st steroid injection, and steroid cream. I still use my fav ointment (QV intensive body moisturizer). Took me about 1 month to recover. No more blister or eczema flare, just dry skin and easy to manage (as long as I stick to my routine)- also read: Hand care routine. 

HOWEVER, I did get the steroid side effect that affects my menstruation cycle, hormonal acne on my face, back, and chest, unusual hair growth, etc. 

As you can see here, my eczema took yearss to recover. And I can't guarantee this will last long. Maybe I may need another steroid shot? In some cases, dyshidrotic eczema is a life treatment that requires everyday care. You just need to be patient and always protect your skin to reduce the risk of getting a flare.