Hand Care Routine

Having a flawless hand always be my number 1 target as I am an eczema patient? And also who doesn't want a flawless hand? Soft to be touch and look nice when wearing a ring or jewellery. I always have a mental breakdown when my eczema flare. Having dented nails, scars, unhealing wounds, etc is sooo embarrassing. So this is my hand care routine to treat all the problems mentioned above. 

  1. Keep shower routine short and simple
    Too long water exposure can make your skin lost moisture. Keep your shower routine simple and short. 10-min is enough. You can wash your face and brush your teeth separately while wearing the glove. 

  2. Trim nail
    The long nail can be the reason bacteria develop under your nail. Always keep it short so your hand will stay in good hygiene. 

  3. Apply nail oil

    You don't need a fancy manicure. Here I share with you a budget-friendly manicure. Avoid wearing any nail polish. Wear nail oil instead. Choose any of your favourite oil as mine is coconut oil, and put it in a nail polish container (you can get it almost everywhere). Apply to your nail every time your hand get wet. 

  4. Apply ointment
    Instead of hand cream, apply something thick such as ointment or petroleum jelly. This can lock the moisture in your hand and sting-free. Apply after you pat dry your hand. Or whenever you feel your hand dry. My favourite is QV intensive body moisturizer and vaseline 100% petroleum jelly. 

  5. Wear glove
    Wear. glove. every. single. time. possible! Choose a 100% thin cotton glove for you to wear every single time (except when you want to use the toilet or get your hand wet). Change your glove every 2 days.

    Wear nitrile powder-free disposable glove whenever you want to get your hand wet such washing you face, apply skincare, apply hair product, touching anything that you allergic such dust or metal or fabric. A disposable glove is made for you to wear and throw immediately. NO 2ND TIME! 

    Use longggg waterproof WITH cotton linen glove whenever you do your laundry or dishes or washing your toilet. 

  6. Choose soap and fragrance-free product
    Even though soap is used for the body and hair, not for the face but still you need to use your hand. Choose soap and fragrance-free soap for the body and hair. My all-time favourite is QV or Cetaphil brand range. For my shampoo, I use baby shampoo as it is less chemical, and I use a 100% organic conditioner. 

I hope this entry is beneficial for you. And may you recover fast also get a flawless hand with this hand care routine. Thank you for reading. If you find this is helpful feel free to share!