Skincare Routine 2021

 Everyone gets bored when facing the same routine over and over again right? The same goes for me. As for me whenever I want to try a new skincare product ofc I wanna look for better than my existing skincare. Few tips before jump to my favourite skincare, always READ A LOT OF REVIEWS, and INGREDIENT before purchase and DONT FORGET TO PATCH TEST on your skin as "introduce" new product to your skin. Without further due here is my all-time favourite skincare routine 2021. 

    Those who followed me would know that I really love Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser so much. I try to switch with other brands so far I do not find any better than Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser! So I stick with that so far. If you guys have any suggestions might leave the comment below. I would appreciate that. 

  2. TONER
    I still use my all-time fav hydrating toner from Simple and Hada Labo (also read HERE). But having exfoliating toner always be on my bucket list. So I tried Pixi Glow Tonic toner and immediately I fall in love with it!!! This brightens my scars and very gentle exfoliating of my dead skin which made my skin so glowing. If I lose on the island and I could bring only one thing. This is the one thing. 

    This has been my routine since my 20's. I will make sure my eyes are always hydrated and moist to prevent any fine lines or wrinkles. So far, Garnier brightening eye roll is my choice since way moreeeee affordable than other on the market eye serum/ eye cream.

    Always and forever my Neutrogena Hydro-Boost Water Gel. No need for further explanation on that. (Read HERE and HERE).

    I still stick to these two lifesavers. Benzac and Differin. These two are the best and suit my skin the most. I wore these two every day after my moisturizer to avoid any appearance of pimples or acne. And these two really work wonder, I may say that. Differin also helps to stimulate collagen production so it is really good for anti-aging too!

    I always change my sunscreen due to this is the most important step in my skincare routine and always be the number one finished product. So this year I would stick to this one Skin Aqua by sunplay due to the texture that suits my combination skin type.