How to Handle Breakout

This post is more on how I handle my breakout. Breakouts are totally normal especially when you're a teen or woman. So don't worry, every problem comes with a solution. Here are my 10 tips on how to handle breakout based on my own experience and study. 

Disclaimer: what works on me might be helpful and might not be helpful for you. If your breakout is unbearable please seek a dermatologist nearby. 

My skin is a combination to oily skin sometimes it can be a combination to dry. Depends, but still, my skin type is a combination (the swollen near my eyes is due to ant bite-just ignore it). 

  1. Cleanse your skin 2x a day
    I know having acne on the face is soo uncomfortable and all you want is to get rid fast. But washing your face more than a day will not make it better, it just makes it worse. So please stop the habit and wash your face twice daily. Too little also will just make your skin dirty.  The best number is to wash your face twice daily (morning- after wake up, and night-before sleep). That's it. Simple! 

  2. Apply treatment
    In terms of treatment, there's a lot on the market, and can be overwhelmed. My tip is to make it simple. Treatment is not a magic cure that you can make your acne suddenly disappear. IT TAKES TIME! BE PATIENT!! Don't switch all your skincare to acne-fighting ingredients such as cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Just FOCUS on TREATMENT. My suggestion use benzac 0.5% or tidact in the morning after the moisturizer. And use retinoid such differin adapalene 0.1% OR tretinon 0.05% at the evening also after moisturizer. 

  3. Eat healthily
    This is the most basic thing. What you eat is what you plan to be. Avoid sugary and fatty food. Good fat is good for your body but trans fat can bring just harm to your body. Avoid fast food, candies, chocolate, sodas, and oily food. Switch to healthy food.

  4. Exercise
    Exercise can discriminate toxin inside our body. So by exercise 3x a week can be beneficial to your skin besides keep you in a good shape (side smile).  

  5. Wash your face after sweating
    I know you loveeee exercise. But please wash your face after you get sweat. Sweat contains bacteria and toxins. If you let this dirt sit on your face too long and let them enjoy with oil that secretes from your pores, they bind together really fast and make your pores clogged. Prepare yourself to say HELLO to a new pimple. Even though you just sweating by tidy your room but take note it still S.W.E.A.T. Washing your face with plain water is enough, no need to be too fancy by wash your face with makeup wipes and so on. 

  6. Keep hygiene  
    As usual, keep your life hygiene. Wash your pillowcase every week, wash your hair twice a week, sanitize your phone, apply sanitizer to your hand before applying any skincare, wash your make-up applicator frequently, and other unlisted hygiene routines. Keep your life neat and hygienic. 

  7. Do not pick or touch your face
    THIS IS THE MOST STRUGGLE PART. I understand... But still no excuses. Let it be, let the pimple go away on their own. Do not try to pop your pimple or your blackhead or others.. Just let it be.  Do not even try to touch with metal or cotton swab. LET IT BE. Wear an acne patch to your acne if you having a hard time controlling yourself. Acne patches can be really helpful since they also help to absorb oil and fasten the process. 

  8. Do the 60sec rules
    Have you ever heard about these rules? By washing your face 60 sec it allowed removing all the specks of dirt thoroughly. No need to bring a timer to your bathroom just enjoy the moment washing your face while singing a happy birthday song twice or ABC song. 

  9. Keep it simple
    Having a complex skincare routine may be beneficial to others but may bring harm to yourself. Keep. It. Simple. Just stick to BASIC (cleanser-moisturizer-treatment-sunscreen). You don't need any fancy serum or 100 layers of toner. Just make it simple. Besides, it can save your pockets too! 

  10. Know the roots
    This one is the hardest if you want to diagnose yourself. Get help from a dermatologist is the best. Know the reason for your breakout. It can be hormonal acne, PCOS, other medical conditions. If you treat the root, for sure your acne will automatically go away. You just need to know the reason to treat it! Eg; handle stress to treat acne that causes by stress, or wear oil-free skincare to treat acne caused by too much oil production.