10 Foods To Try At Family Mart

Family Mart is a Korean-friendly mart or a shop that sells Korean street food and snacks in Malaysia. Famous food on family mart is their Oden or fish cakes and seafood dip in tom yum soup or clear soup. This entry will review some of their famous food and available food at the family mart. 

Rate: 9/10
Price: Price varies, you can choose the soup and filling
POV: My fav is the seafood tofu fishcake, veggie fishcake, korean oddeng fishcake, udon kinchaku with tom yum soup. You may add other of your favorite snacks to put inside such as corn, udon, or noodles.

Karaage Bento with Spicy Sauce
Rate: 3/10
Price: RM9.90
POV: Taste like bonito flakes on the rice and extremely spicy sauce with not crispy fried chicken

Chiki Cheese burger
Rate: 10/10
Price: RM8.80
POV: Similar to Mcchicken from McDonald but way fuller and delicious!

Triple cheese corndog
Rate: 10/10
Price: RM7.90
POV: Worth every penny. Got mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese. Quite spicy with top of gochujang sauce but bearable.

Double cheese corndog
Rate: 5/10
Price: RM6.90
POV: Whole sausage with cheddar cheese and same topping sauce as triple cheese.

Rate: 8/10
Price: RM8.90
POV: You may choose the hot sauce (chocolate, milk, or coffee). It sells in the frozen section. Hot sauce will blend it together to make it taste like a frappe. 

Matcha ice cream
Rate: 10/10
Price: RM3.90
POV: soft-serve ice cream. I love the smooth texture and deep flavor. You can really taste the matcha.

Rate: 10/10
Price: RM4.50
POV: Varies on flavor. My fav is Chuka idako. Rich in flavor!

Original Pudding
Rate: 6/10
Price: RM5.90
POV: Milky pudding with thin caramel sauce. Balance in flavor, but I'm not really into milk. Just nice.

Rate: 9/10
Price: RM6.20
POV: You may choose chicken, eggs, or all veggies salad. It is top with a sauce that tastes like roasted sesame.