Gamuda Gardens, Rawang - A Place To Visit

Tired of mall visits or window shopping? Why not spend your time on something more productive. I love a place that is calm, has a nice view, and comes with a lot of activities. RECREATION PORT! Gamuda Gardens is one of my favorite places to spend most of my time especially when I need to write my blog. 

Gamuda Gardens took place at Rawang, Selangor. It really comes with a very nice and calm view (I still can't move on even after a couple of visits). 

Operation Details:

  • Venue: Persiaran Gamuda Gardens 1, Bandar Gamuda Gardens, Kuang, 48050 Rawang, Selangor
  • Time: 8am-8pm (Time may vary due to MCO SOP)

Activities Offer:

  • Bicycle rental

    You can rental other than bicycles such as scooters, e-bike, 2/3 seater bikes, and one-wheel bikes. They also sell bike accessories if you need one for your own bike. The price offer is according to the rental time (Please refer to the photo).

  • Donut boat ride

    One boat limit to 4 people. There's a steering wheel where you can control the boat's direction. The boat is motor operate. You can mingle around the lake area. No information was provided for the price. 

  • Wetland

    Temporary close on weekdays and only open on weekends due to MCO. Please bring your changing cloth as you need to get wet. They provide a pool and wet theme park for both adults and kids. Please refer to the image for the price details.

  • Go cart

    Both parents and kids can ride. However, they have different operating hours. Price may vary according to the rider's age.

  • A plenty place to jog 

    There are a few connected different lakes you can try. Please refer to the maps provided. Other than jogging, you can also bring your own sports equipment such as a scooter or bike or even a rollerblade.

  • Also, there's some restaurant you can stop by
    There is still more upcoming restaurant as it is still under construction. I have never been to any of the current restaurants cause I prefer homemade food and a picnic vibe. 
Feel free to take a visit at least once. You will love it. I would suggest for you to go during sunrise as evening still