Crack On Heel -- Treatment

Have you ever wondered why you have a crack on the heel? Or do you just want to have a baby foot? This entry is proven 100% to reduce the risk of dry and cracked heels (well at least for myself).

  1. Foot soak 
    Once a week or maybe twice weekly. A mixture of Epsom salt and warm water foot soaking can boost your mood besides some studies have shown Epsom salt soaking can improve blood circulation to your foot. I would advance this step to scrubbing or exfoliate as soaking can soften the dead skin cell. 

  2. Scrub
    Physical exfoliator or scrub can remove all the dead skin cells as our feet always have dead skin cell build-up going through (due to friction). We walk every day, our feet dealing with friction which may cause the build-up of dead skin cells. You may choose either a tool such foot scrubber or soap that contains small beads-- make sure follow-up with a moisturizer.

  3. Nail 
    Keep it short. Keep your nail short. You don't need all those fancy pedicures, u just need a great nail clipper. Long nails tend to collect specks of dirt and bacteria more than short nails do. Trimming toenails can be tricky. You don't want to keep it too short or square as it may cause pain. 

  4. Moisturizer + Socks
    Moisturize your feet before your sleep time and always comprises with socks. Choose moisturizers that are very thick or you can switch it to an ointment which is better (you may use a moisturizer that contains urea or as simple as vaseline). But bear in mind, thick moisturizer or ointment can be really messy if you don't include socks in your routine besides of retain the moisture to your feet.

  5. Blister/warts management
    You need to do some research regarding blister management especially for those who wear heels. The blister can turn into warts. Always make sure you have dry feet before you wear socks. Hygiene is very important to prevent infection (which may cause warts). Treat blister or wound on feet fast. Let your feet breathe.