Drugstore Malaysia Promo (What to buy & Tips and Tricks)

Things can get overwhelmed especially for ladies when drugstores on their sales. So I will share what I usually buy during drugstore sales or what I have been eyeing. This entry is just to give you a better picture of what to look for at drugstore Malaysia. 

Typically I will buy something that isn't sold in the other store and I will sort accordingly from head to toe.

For the tips to shop at Drugstore Malaysia:

  • Hold yourself
    Make a list and stick to it. Limit yourself to buy only 1 product for 1 purpose.
  • Price comparison
    Popular drugstore in Malaysia is Guardian, Watson, Caring, Big Pharmacy, AA pharmacy. There's a lot of choices, so please do some price comparison before you decide to buy.
  • Understand the marketing strategy
    Please understand buy 2nd for 60% is equivalent to only 30% less for each product so it is just a marketing strategy and not really worth buying. Wait for buy 1 free 1 promo or 50% off which can save you more.
  • Understand the sales trending
    From my POV, Guardian and Watson usually will have specific trends in sales. For example, this week skincare will have a 50% promo, that week I will buy or restock my skincare product only and I will wait for hair promo week to buy my hair product. 

So after you already understand the tips and tricks, maybe you may want to try the product that I usually buy. 

Hair product: Conditioner Nunature

Skin Care: Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel (Also Read: Review), Acne patch (Derma Angel / Cosrx), Banzac 5%

Teeth: Floss, Toothpaste

For Body: Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion, QV Intensive Body Moisturizer, Cotton pad (Also Read: Eczema)

I hope this entry will give you a better view for you to make your decision. This blog also provides a review for every item stated. Feel free to search your favorite item.