7 Steps To Have A Spa Day at Home

Prep-day or prepare yourself a day or "me time" or a spa day or just once a week general hygiene day or whatever you called it, can be one of the mediums you may try to relax regardless of your gender. Make it your routine. 

Why do you need a spa day? and why is it so important? Because it is general hygiene for a human being besides you may want to spoil yourself. If you don't, who else will do? 

How? This method is so simple and just spends less than a day. You don't need a luxury spa and you just can do it at home. If you want to be extra, go for it, make the environment feel cozy with dim light, spa relaxing music, the water sound, and the smell of nature such as peppermint or lavender, or wood.  

What do I usually do on my prep day? So the content will be shaving/trimming, exfoliating, sheet mask/ skincare, mouth care,  manicure /pedicure, lotion/moisturizer, and hair treatment.

  1. Exfoliate
    Not just face, you may also want to exfoliate your body. Our skin produces new skin every 28-40 days. So the dead skin cell will remove from our body after the new skin cell is "born" or grow. Exfoliation can vary either physical or chemical exfoliator. Physical exfoliator consists of loofah, small beads scrubber, or silicone scrubber while chemical exfoliator consists of AHA or BHA. Exfoliate can even your skin tone which may cause by friction or accumulation of dead skin cells. 

  2. Shaving/trimming
    Body hair usually grows within one to three weeks (depends). Long body hair can trap bacteria and may cause body odor. So, please remove your body hair. You may choose your favorite hair removal method. (Also read: hair removal method).

  3. Mouthcare
    Flossing and brushing your teeth are everyday needs hygiene. For the prep day, I usually do the teeth whitening treatment just to be extra. You can place a visit to a dentist for scaling treatment if you want. Whatever it is is still your choice. Mouth care is very crucial to make sure you have fresh breath. (Also read: 5 tips to get the perfect smile and fresh breath)

  4. Skincare/sheet mask
    The same goes for mouth care. Skincare requires you day and night routine. But go extra on your prep day. Go bold! Have some icy cucumber on your eyes, wear a sheet mask, exfoliate, roll the tomatoes ice cube on your face, or whatever that makes you feel special besides good once a week. Your day, your choice. 

  5. Manicure/pedicure
    The long nail can collect more dirt and bacteria. Bacteria on nails can cause food poisoning (in some cases). Trimming your nail once a week will keep them short, nice, and clean. If you want to keep long nails with fancy nail polish, make sure it's clean and free from dirt. + don't forget your toe! You can apply nail oil too or ointment to make make sure you have moist and shiny nails. 

  6. Lotion and moisturizer
    As you already exfoliate your skin, your skin may dry. So to prevent dryness wear lotion or any of your favorite moisturizers. 

  7. Hair treatment
    Shampoo and wear conditioner will help you have smooth and shiny hair. On prep day? go extra with hair treatments such as a hair mask. Soak your hair in a buttery conditioner or DIY hair mask also will do. Anything you prefer. 
That is all of my once-a-week routines. If you want to go extra feel free to do so. It is your day and your choice. Don't let anyone stop you. Chill and relax. Have a great day ahead!