7 Tips for Migraine Fast Relieve

Having a migraine can be so distracting. Being unable to focus on current tasks, pain, muscle spasm, or muscle ache and can last for several days or even a week which can be so stressful. As a person who suffered a migraine in years, I shared these tips to ease your pain fast. (Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, entry shared by self-experience -- please do not self diagnose and consult with a physician before performing any treatment by yourself)

  1. Understand the main cause 
    To treat migraines, you need to know what triggered your migraine. It can be varied (light, sound, lack of sleep, or shoulder/upper back muscle spasm). Avoid contact with the things that triggered your migraine. For example, if light causes your migraine, do not drive at night. Sharp light will cause migraines. Or you may wear sunglasses to avoid direct contact with light. 

  2. Ice
    This treatment is the fastest way to relieve my migraine. I will put an ice pack on my pillow and sleep with it. You may also pun on your upper back if you find a spasm on your back.

  3. Wet wrap
    Make sure your face towel is fully soaked in the water (cold water is the best) then wrap it around your head including your forehead. I don't know how and why this thing works with migraines but this is the best treatment I have ever tried. It also can relieve my fever fast. 

  4. Heat therapy 
    Heat can increase inflammation. But this treatment will work if you have muscle spasms on your upper back. Why do I always mention muscle spasms? Usually, my migraine always comes with muscle spasms. Heat can loosen your tight muscle. However, it is recommended for you to follow with ice therapy. The best is to gap around 5-10 min before continuing with ice therapy. 

  5. Stretching
    Shoulder /neck stretching can relieve the spasm besides migraines. Stretching will reduce muscle tightness and relax your muscle. You also may find yourself easy to fall asleep after a stretching session (that is how yoga can make your life better *wink*). 

  6. Sleep
    The more you relax, the fastest the migraine will go away. How to relax? Sleep. Sleep can normalize or I love to call it a restart process to everything. Do everything you can do to fall asleep fast. Dim light? lavender oil? relaxing music? white noise? stay still for 15 mins? try everything. Go extra if you want to. 

  7. Medicine
    I can't tolerate my migraine easily even though I try everything. Sometimes my migraine lasts a few days. So I will take my med (Cafergot). This will reduce my migraine within 1-3 hours. I am not preferred for you to take a pain killer. Please consult with your doctor which is the best to suit your symptoms. As for me, Cafergot works the best and the fastest.