CU Mart - Menu To Try

CU Mart is a Korea number 1 convenience store. But now it is already in MALAYSIA! There are many franchises you can place a visit to just google CU mart the location near you will pop up. CU Mart consists of so many ready-to-eat Korean foods and yet so delicious. If you are a first-timer and don't know what menu to try, this entry will give you a better idea!

The first thing you need to do when entering the CU Mart is deciding what to order and pay. They will make your order after the payment is made. Then you need to wait until your name has been called.

Corndog is a sausage or mozzarella or sausage+mozzarella coated with flour, crispy breadcrumbs, and some other choices, and top with sauce or sugar sprinkle (option available: hot and spicy gochujang sauce or original come with sugar sprinkle). There are a few types of corndog you can choose from. The price depends on which option you chose (Refer to the image for more).
Price: RM7.99-9.99
Rate: 6/10

Dak Gan Jeong (K-fried chicken)
Korean Fried Chicken is a very crispy fried chicken coated with special Korean hot and sweet sauce. Served when hot is the best!
Price: RM8.99
Rate: 5/10

Hot soup served with seafood selection such as crabstick, fishcake, and seafood tofu. The price depends on your order.
Price: Vary
Rate: 9/10

Chapssal-Tteok (Mochi)
It is mochi or chewy dessert. The filling is very full and thick (LOVE IT). The chocolate contains ganache filling. The pink color is a strawberry flavor and the filling is strawberry flavored cream.
Price: RM9.99
Rate: 10/10

Strawberry Shortcake Trifle
This one is a strawberry sponge cake that came with a cream cheese taste and real strawberry fruit. Not too sweet which I like and yet very delicious.
Price: RM6.29
Rate: 10/10

Bingsu is a flavored shaved ice dessert. The most popular dessert in korea. The taste is very light yet rich. 
Price: RM5.99
Rate: 10000/10 

Tteobokki (Chewy rice cake)
A chewy rice cake with some garnish and coated with thick hot (hot & spicy tteobokki) or cheesy sauce (rose tteobokki). The chewy rice cake is so chewy and delicious.
Price: RM7.99
Rate: 9/10

You may also try their other menus such as soft served ice cream, kimchi jjinbbang (steamed buns), or Korean snacks, or even a lunch box! I hope this entry will give you a better idea of the menu to try.