Malaysia North Foodie / Tempat Makan Menarik Di Utara

Attention to all food lovers, if you are going to have a staycation or vacation or even work-vacay in North Malaysia please stop by this restaurant. I bet you will never regret it. This is my must-stop fav restaurant everrrr! And to Muslims don't worry, all food is Halal. 

Haji Midin Murtabak (Kampung Jelutong, Taiping)
This small stall has already been in Taiping since 1981 with their famous Murtabak ever. Their Murtabak is full with big chunks of meat and their onion pickle is also very flavourful. RM7/pcs.

Kuey Teow Kedai Doli (Taiping)
Whoever stays in north Malaysia hasn't tried this restaurant is a big loss. Doli restaurant Char Kuey Teow is da bombb! The Char Kuey Teow or their fried flat rice noodle is famous as it has a unique taste. The smoky taste of the meal and fresh seafood make the Char Kuey Teow taste complete. The price range is RM5.5-17 (Disclaimer: Picture from google)

Deen Maju (Jelutong, Penang)
Nasi Kandar is famous in Penang, but choosing the right restaurant that sells Nasi Kandar in Penang can be a little bit overwhelmed. Now say no more. Deen Maju is the perfect Nasi Kandar restaurant. Deen Maju has plenty of seats besides verryyyy delicious Nasi Kandar (My mouth is watery as I'm typing this). Most important, the price is affordable so don't worry about picking up your favorite dish without burdening your pocket. Total for my meal (with extra rice and including 2 lime drinks) only RM15. 

Jagung Bakar (Batu Ferringhi, Penang)
Who doesn't love baked corn? Especially if the corn is rich in flavor and the original sweet that comes from the corn itself. Just imagine yourself in front of the sea enjoying the breeze and wave sound while eating baked corn. OMG. Just give yourself a try. This seller doesn't have a stall, she will walk with a big insulated bag that is full of corn and only cost you RM2.50/each.

Ais Tingkap & Ais Kepal (Georgetown, Penang)
TBH, i'm not a big fan of ais tingkap or ais kepal. However, if I combine these two, somehow it gives a kick in flavor that made me fall in love with the drink. There is a variety of menus that you can choose but my favorite is Air Sarbat from Ais Tingkap (RM4.5) combined with Ais Kepal Vanilla from Ais Kepal (RM5). 

Nasi Arab Kepala Batas (Kepala Batas, Penang)
Craving for Arabic food in Malaysia? Say no more. This restaurant has a complete menu of Arabic food. You can choose your favorite dish and the price depends on the dish itself. The price range is about RM8-RM12. (Disclaimer: Picture from google)

Cendol Pak Nik (Sungai Petani, Kedah)
If I only can stop at one restaurant I will choose this restaurant. They got all you need. From appetizer straight to dessert. This shop is famous for its Cendol. They have a variety of Cendol flavors that you can choose from besides other meals. I ordered Laksa, Bihun Sup, Cendol Pulut, Cendol Biasa, Cendol Jagung. That many and only cost me RM16.

Sarapan pagi (Warung depan SK Tikam Batu, Sg. Petani, Kedah)
If you want to have a sweet simple breakfast just stop by at this restaurant. They sell the most crispy yet soft flatbread/ Roti Canai. I love how delicious all the food is served. Total for my meal (Nasi Lemak 2x, Roti Planta, Roti Canai 2x, Verity of Kuih Muih, and 3 drinks) RM20.