Workout Gear To Keep You Motivated (with Shopee link)

Workouts are fun. Feeling yourself and having the best health condition is wonderful. However, doing the same thing every day can be a little bit boring. You may want to look for something interesting. So you want something to keep you motivated? This entry will give you all the workout gear you may need to keep you on track. 

For shoes, I love to have 2 pairs. One for my indoor gym and another one for my outdoor running. Good sports shoes are those which come with shock absorbers. Click HERE to buy.

The best yoga mat I've tried are those in rubber material. Foam is an affordable option but I love rubber one better. These are because foam is too soft and split easily compared to rubber material. Extra-large sizes are a bonus though. Click HERE to buy.

This may seem boring, but having a great sports bra gives you maximal support especially when running or jumping. Find the one that gives you comfort while reducing impact (my fav is from Nike). Click HERE to buy.

Wearing loose pants during a workout may increase the risk of injury. This is when legging comes in handy. They do not just reduce the risk of injury but also give you unlimited movement. Any legging will do, find the one that suits you the best and give you comfort. Click HERE to buy. 

If you find sports bras are too exposing, you can wear a jacket or windbreaker to cover. Those are better compared to t-shirts as they come with zipping and fit your body. Windbreakers are also made for resisting wind which is great for running. Mine is from Diadora (gym jacket) and Sports Direct (windbreaker). Click HERE (gym jacket) and HERE (windbreaker) to buy similar items on Shopee.

Bodyweight training can be a little bit boring sometimes. Upgrade your routine with some weight! The best dumbbell is those with adjustable weight (because you need to increase the intensity over time). You can find it on Shopee or any sports shop near you. Click HERE to buy.

IDK about you, but my hand is too sensitive and it can get callus easily if I use some of the gym apparatus. To get rid of it you need to wear a glove besides OFC the moisturizer.  I bought mine from my Skytrex visit. (Also Read: Skytrex) Click HERE to buy similar on Shopee.

The purpose is similar to the dumbbell. A resistance band is still under resistance training. But having one is great as you can diversify exercise in your routine. Having different intensities of resistance band for one price is better than one price for one resistance band. Click HERE to buy.