How To Wash Workout Gear

Workout gear can be expensive sometimes. Cleaning your workout gear without the right technique can reduce the quality of your workout gear. So this entry will explain How To Proper Clean Your Workout Gear.

Yoga Mat
Do not wash your yoga mat inside the washing machine or scrub it with a brush or hard bristle. Yoga mats are usually made from rubber or foam material. I would suggest you get something like Febreeze that can disinfectant your yoga mat while maintaining the quality of the surface. The other option is you can DIY your soap with just water mix with a few drops of dish soap or laundry detergent. Do not get too much soap or else your yoga mat will get soapy. Spray the mixture to your yoga mat, let it sit for a while, wipe it off with a clean towel, air dry. 

Sport shoe
Usually, sports shoes are made from fabrics and rubber (for the sole area). You can simply brush the fabrics with a soft bristle brush. For the sole part, I love to use my magic sponge (Also read: must-have cleaning product) dip in a water-detergent mixture and scrub off the dirt. Please let your shoes dry under the sun but not directly. The other option is you can throw your shoes inside your washing machine. However, only some of the washing machines are available for this feature (please read the manual before proceeding). If you just go for a light walk in the track just wipe off the sole with a wet tissue. (Also read: Tips On How To Take Care Your Shoe)

Sports Bra
Most people just threw their sports bras inside the washing machine. But do you know, without the proper step, this can damage your branded sports bra? So the right step is to take out the sponge inside, hand washes it with soapy water. The outer part you can put it inside the laundry bag before put inside the washing machine. 

Gym attire
This one you can simply throw inside your washer and air dry. Avoid hot water setting and dryer. As most of the gym attire is made from stretchable material, they are easy to shrink if contact with hot water or a dryer machine. Most important is to wash your gym attire immediately after you finish your workout. 

Gym Equipment 
Do you know you need to clean your gym equipment too such as dumbbells and barbells? Our hands have the most bacteria compared with other body parts. Just imagine you use it like 5x a week without cleaning. You can simply wipe everything with disinfectant wipes or spray with disinfectant solution and wipe with a clean cloth. This can kill all the bacteria and germs that have been sitting there. Extra tips: you can put some oil (any oil will do) to any gym equipment that uses a pulley. 

Earbud / Fitness Watch
Even though this is not included in workout gear but this day so many gym users use earbuds to listen to music and fitness watch while working out. Do not dip your earbuds and watch into an alcohol solution or put them in the sterilized machine. Some sterilizing machines allow electronic / gadgets to sanitize, but some don't (please double-check before use). The easiest method is you can simply wipe your earbuds or watch with a thin alcohol pad and use a toothpick to remove any ear wax at the speaker.