Must-have home cleaning product (with Shopee Link)

Do you love a clean house and smell nice? Here is some of the must-have home cleaning product. Not all cleaning products in the market work best. So after years of try and error and more findings, here is some cleaning product that works the best!

Magiclean is the best cleaning agent available in Malaysia. Magiclean comes in various options such as multipurpose spray, spray for steel, kitchen spray, and also bathroom spray. So far after using Magiclean for my kitchen and bathroom I never intend to change to the other brand. It is clean in one swipe away while maintaining the surface actual look!  Click HERE to buy.

Cosway tissue towel
This Cosway tissue towel is reusable. U don't need a kitchen towel anymore. Use it until u want and throw it away when it has torn. It is the best for me as I think it hygiene than a usual kitchen towel as it can throw away after some use. I have tried other brands that are similar to Cosway kitchen towels but it not absorbable as Cosway! Click HERE to buy.

ECO brush
Eco brush comes with a handle also very cheap price yet worth the quality. Suitable who have hand eczema or those who want to take care of their hand as brush without a handle can let the cleaning agent get to your hand. I use this eco brush for my bathroom. This brush has a stiff bristle that makes all the dirt go away effortlessly. Click HERE to buy.

Spray mop
I would recommend this to all moms that always want their floor clean and frequently mop. This spray mop is great for everyday light use. As in this pandemic season, I'm a little bit paranoid and I want my floor always free from germs. I use it together with disinfectant to clean my floor. It is really convenient to use as it just needs to fill in the water or your chosen cleaning agent and just spray plus mop to clean. Simple yet convenient. Click HERE to buy.

ECO Scented plastic bag
Who loves the smell of trash right? So This ECO scented plastic bag keeps away the smell while maintaining the function of the plastic bag. My favorite is the lavender and lemon scent. The other option is a Lotus scented plastic bag (thicker but pricier than the ECO brand). Click HERE to buy.

Cotton-lining glove
Do you know contact with any cleaning agent (inc the dishwasher soap) can damage your skin barrier? Even prolonged contact with water can dry your skin. (Also read: Use of cotton-lining glove). So to prevent or to treat you need a waterproof glove. However, latex is not allergens-free and might trigger for some people. That is when you need a cotton-lining glove. ECO has the cheapest price with the best quality! But somehow they are limited stock available. Click HERE to buy similar.

Isopropyl Alcohol
This is the best glass cleaning hack ever. Instead of using "glass cleaner" or just plain water, use Isopropyl alcohol to clean your glass or mirror. It will be sparkly clean and good as new. Click HERE to buy. Or you may use the disinfectant which works the same as glass cleaning as most of the disinfectant solution contains a high alcohol percentage. Click HERE to purchase. 

Baking soda
Baking soda can be multipurpose use. Not only in baking. Baking soda can also deodorize things such as fabrics. It also can be used to absorb the extra moisture that you don't need such as in a shoe rack or in your wardrobe. A high humidity area can damage your item. Now say no more with baking soda. You can simply mix your plain baking soda with a few drops of your favorite essential oil just to be extra. Sprinkle all over your fabrics, let them sit for a while, and vacuum the area. Or you can put it into the tea bag and hang it in your wardrobe or shoe rack. Click HERE to buy.

Magic sponge
I think those with small and creative kids should have this one at home. The magic sponge can erase all the marks on the wall, table, etc. You can also use it to clean your shoe or your office table. Click HERE to buy.

Antiseptic Germicide
In the pandemic era, I would suggest everyone have this antiseptic germicide at least one at home. This one is very potent and needs to dilute with water before use. This one is really a multi-purpose as you can also use it for wounds.  I use it for cleaning purposes, to wipe all the surfaces with this antiseptic germicide. It works wonders as this can kill all the germs and viruses too. Click HERE to buy.