Working Out And Skin Health

Workouts really give impact in our general health not only physically but also internally included our skin. Workouts do effect our skin in both way good and bad. For the good way workouts may remove toxins, reduce acne, tigthen loose skin, give you glow skin, overall skin improvement. Below is the futher explaination.

Removing toxin
Exercise is proven to eliminate toxin in our body. Toxin are release through sweat. Beside, when we are working out, we tend to drink more water than usual. Drinking plenty of water may improve the process of removing toxin (by kidney and liver) through your feces and urine. 

Improve digestive system & Reduce acne
Our digestive system will improve by exercising as exercise increase blood flow to the muscle used for our digestive system. Good digesting system resulting in good eliminating of toxin as mentioned earlier. If toxin not removed properly, the toxic may be overload results in acne. 

Tigthen loose skin
Loose skin usually caused by aging. Workouts may not help slow down the aging process. However, workouts may indirectly slowing down the aging process by improve sleep quality and reduce stress. Good sleep quality and low stress level will lead to healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle gave you healthy skin such younger look. Extra tips, keep smiling! 

Glowing looking skin
Workouts do gave you the after glow! This is caused by when you are working out, your heart will pump more blood to supply more oxygen promoting good circulation. More oxygen and good blood circulation will give the glow effect and healthier looking skin. 

However, besides all those good effect of workouts toward your skin, workout might also give you the bad effect to your skin without a proper care! Here are some of the bad effect of workout to your skin and ways to treat. 

Sun damage
Any exposure to sunlight may cause sun damage. Working out especially outdoor may lead to sun damage. However you may treat it with the application of the sunscreen. Make sure you use your sunscreen during daytime especially when you expose to sun. Bear in mind no matter how is the weather during daytime be sure to apply and reapply your sunscreen every two hour. (Also read: Important of Sunscreen) 

As mentioned before, workout may help with acne but workout also may lead to acne. Exercise will produce a lot of sweats. Our skin especially our face may already contain oil and dirt. Sweat may trapped the oil, dirt, and also bacteria to our skin. The way to tackle this problem is to immediately shower after you done your workout. If you unable to take a bath immediately be sure to use wet wipes. You don't need any fancy make up removal wet wipes etc. Plain wet wipes will do.  

Athlete's foot is a fungus skin infection due to excessive sweat at foot area especially between finger. The name of "athlete's foot" came from those infected are usually athlete that mostly have damp and sweaty foot. The symptoms is usually itchy, scally, and sometimes blisters. To prevent this from happen is make sure you change your socks everyday, wash inside your shoe or use disinfectant spray, immediately take of your shoe and rinse with clean water after workouts,  and dry your feet & shoe thoroughly. If you already have athlete's foot be sure to get the treatment cream from your doctor immediately to avoid worsen the condition.