5 Tips to Get The Perfect Smile and Fresh Breath

Besides of went for a dentist visit every 6 months, you also need proper care of your oral hygiene to ensure you are in good oral condition. Good oral hygiene may prevent a lot of oral issues such as bad breath, cavities, and inflamed gums. Preventing is always better than treating. Learn how on this entry. Here are the 5 tips on how to get the perfect smile and fresh breath.

Brush your teeth twice daily
Brushing teeth is the most crucial part of oral hygiene as it can prevent gum disease. Brushing your teeth will remove plaque which may cause most gum diseases such as cavities and tartar. Make sure you brush your teeth in the correct way as shown in the picture. (Picture credit to google) Wrongly brushing your teeth may cause gum bleeding and will not remove all the plaque or food junk. This will lead to the occurrence of bacteria. Choose a small and soft bristle toothbrush for a better brushing experience.

Flossing before bed
Most people have small teeth gaps that can store small pieces of food. Sometimes brushing alone never be enough to remove plaque between your teeth. That is when flossing comes in handy. Flossing can clean each one of your teeth thoroughly. You may choose any of your favorite dental flosses such as water spray, waxed and unwaxed string, dental tape, and static thread. My favorite is always dental tape and static thread as my personal recommendation for cleaner teeth. 

Use a mouth rinse after brushing
Bacteria in the mouth not only sitting in your teeth. It can be anywhere such as your gums, cheeks, or under the tongue. To ensure you have the cleanest mouth and fresh breath, use a mouth rinse. Mouth rinse with fluoride can kill germs that cause bad breath besides preventing cavities. 

Use treatment cream to treat ulcer
Do not depend on "drinking water" or "supplement consuming" alone to treat ulcers. The ulcer is caused by injury or skin rash that happens in our mouth. It might cause by accidentally biting or wearing braces. An ulcer can be a sign of bacteria and infection. So be sure to use treatment creams such as oral aid or bonjela to treat.  

Do not forget your tongue
The colour of your tongue can determine your oral hygiene. White means you have very poor oral hygiene that cause bacteria build-up on your tongue. It is important to include your tongue in your oral hygiene routine.  Using the tongue scraper can remove harmful bacteria cause that may cause bad breath and other mouth diseases.