5 Tips to Reduce Muscle Soreness (After Workout)

Soreness is an absolutely normal process as our muscles go through pressure during our workout sessions.  The pain will reduce after 48 hours. However,  there are some hacks that you can try to prevent or reduce muscle soreness in a blink of an eye. 

Stretching and Cool Down 
Make sure to do your stretching before the workout and cool down after the workout. As when we exercise, we put a lot of stress on the muscle and cause it to tear and inflame. Stretching and cool-down can help to relax and loosen your muscle. Stressing the tight and stiff muscles may cause further injury and a lot of pain.  

Ice bath 
As mentioned earlier, workouts put a lot of stress on the muscle and cause inflammation. An ice bath can reduce the burning of muscle and reduce inflammation that causes soreness.  You may feel sharp stabbing your skin during the ice bath but after a while, your body will get used and you will feel very fresh after. 

Hot cream or muscle cream 
Most muscle creams such Flanil and Counter Pain contain pain relievers such as methyl salicylate. Besides, they contain menthol that gives your skin a cool at the same time warm sensation. This will distract your mind from focusing on the pain that you feel. 

Massaging the inflamed muscle may cause further injury. However, using massaging tools such as Massage Gun will help to relax and loosen your muscle which can reduce the soreness. You also can use it to reduce muscle spasms. 

Pain killer
This is my personal last option. Muscle soreness can be a bit extreme if I doing intense training. If any of the above doesn't work for me after quite some time, I will take a pain killer. Before you taking please be sure to consult with your doctor!