Night Skincare Routine

The Night-time skincare routine can be a little bit different from the morning skincare routine. Here is my current night skincare routine which I found really suits my skin well. 

I always do the double cleansing even though I'm not a big fan of makeup. Just to make sure my oil gland only has the optimum amount of oil and all my waterproof sunscreen been removed from my skin right before I went to bed. My favorite is Hada Labo cleansing oil. However, if my cleansing oil is out of stock, I will replace it with micellar water from Garnier. But please bear in mind that micellar water doesn't have the same effect as a cleansing oil. 

My all-time favorite Cetaphil gentle cleanser. Remove all the dirt without stripping my natural oil. Doesn't leave my skin tight or dry. Very gentle and suits my skin very well. 

Toner (optional)
Toner is an optional step but I love to use it to soothe and hydrate my skin. Also, this toner from simple contain niacinamide which can brighten the dark spots. I use it to soothe my skin as I want to include spot treatment in my routine and it really does a great job. 

If you follow me since 2019, you guys will know how much I love this moisturizer. It's really worth the hype. This moisturizer gives me enough hydration I need for my skin without leaving anything or sticky feelings. (Also read: Honest Review: Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel)

Spot treatment
As I'm in my 20's I choose retinol as my spot treatment. I use this both depending on my mood. But I love both. These two really help to reduce my breakout and slow down my aging process. (Also read: How to Look Younger). Retinoid is not available on the rack, whether you need to ask the pharmacist or get a prescription from your dermatologist to purchase.