Skincare Routine Pre and Post-workout

Do you know a workout really can affect your skin in a bad way if you don't have the right routine? (Also read: How Workout Effect Skin). This entry will give you the full guide on how to take care of your skin before and after the workout to prevent any breakout. 


Light moisturizer
Please bear in mind that workouts involve very heavy sweat. A thick moisturizer will make your skin too oily and sticky which may cause bacteria development and acne. Choosing the right moisturizer such as a gel-type moisturizer which enough to give you the hydration that your skin needs. My recommended moisturizer is Hydro Boost Water Gel by Neutrogena

Use sunscreen if you are outside
Workout outside is the best as you can enjoy the view and fresh air without feeling stuffy. However, UV light can kill all the good things in your skin. Be sure to apply and reapply your sunscreen. Even if you are working out in the evening you still need a sunscreen as the sun still gives your skin UV light. Choose a lightweight sunscreen such as powder for extra comfort. 


Immediately wash your face
No chatting or hanging out if you don't do this! Right after your cooling session be sure to wash your face. Your sweat contains trapped dirt, bacteria, and maybe some toxin which perfect combo that causes acne. Be sure immediately after the workout, clean your face either with plain water or a gentle cleanser

Use a plain wipe if you can't wash your face
Always carry a baby wipe with you if there is no water available at your gym or your workout area. A baby wipe is the best option compared to makeup wipes or any other wet wipes as baby wipes are gentle to the skin and free of harsh chemicals. But be sure to immediately wash your face when you reach home. 

Follow up with your skincare routine 
Do not skip your skincare routine even if you are too tired after your workout session. A skincare routine is basic hygiene to prevent acne or breakout. A basic skincare routine consists of three main things which are cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Do not forget to use a spot treatment to treat existing acne. (Also read: My Favorite Skincare Routine)


Change your workout gear after every use
Using the same towel or cloth can be the main reason for your acne. Even if you did not sweat heavily during your workout you still need to change them because your cloth traps the unseen sweat and bacteria and can be transferred to your skin which leads to a breakout. 

Drink a lot of water
Workout can remove a lot of water content in your body and cause dehydration. Dehydration can be the reason for dehydrated skin which can produce excess oil on your skin and lead to clogged pores. So be sure you drink a lot of water. 3L of water is the best for people who workout actively.