Honest Review: Sunscreen Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Brightening Moisture Gel (Updated ingredient)

 Available at all drugstore
Skin Aqua UV Brightening Moisture Gel 

Price: RM28-RM46
Texture: Milky gel-like
Ingredient list: click HERE

Easy to absorb
No white-cast
Not thick or sticky
Come in a squeeze bottle
Got brightening ingredient
Anti pollutant
Broad-spectrum protection
Paraben, sulfate, and alcohol-free

Easy to lose the cap
Got silicone
May not be suitable for sensitive skin because this is a chemical sunscreen
Quite shiny after 3 times application

My Opinion:
This is my current favorite sunscreen as it does not give my skin any breakout or purging and it really does what it claims. I really see improvement on my skin in terms of fading my pigmentation or my dark spot. Even after I reapply it every 2-3 hours, it does not feel heavy or sticky.  This sunscreen is always my go-to sunscreen as this is wudhu friendly (i don't need to use my makeup remover anymore to remove my sunscreen). However, it does give shiny look after I reapply my sunscreen quite sometimes. So my solution is to wash my face before I reapply. 

Yes for all skin types