93rd UiTM Convocation

93rd UiTM Convocation (20th session). 26th June 2022. 

FINALLY! It is my graduation day guys. After the MCO thingy, endemic phase, and 2 years of postponed. Finally finally finally. It is the day when I am officially verified as a UiTM alumni. Proud to say, now I am a Bachelor of Sports Science (Hons.) graduate. (Watch: Istiadat Konvokesyen UiTM ke-93 | Sidang 20 - 2:47:00) 

Some people may seem this is just an "on-paper degree". But as my POV, this is one of my highest academic achievements (so far). There are a lot of up and down, felt like quitting, and crying all month long during my degree journey. But I made it guys! I made it..

This degree is not my own success, but I must say it is group work. The endless support from my family, and my fianc√©.  Financially, physically, and mentally they are there for me. Especially during my Final Year Project where I got so so so down preparing my thesis, crying while handling the research, etc. etc. But finally, my thesis is successfully done and submitted in 2020.

I want to send my highest gratitude to all of my lecturers too for all the guidance and knowledge given. Without the lecturers, surely I won't receive my degree scroll today. Thank you thank you and thank you!

Not to forget, my colleagues as well. They have done their very best in this degree journey. Helping each other to achieve what we have today. Good job guys, we made it. We deserve this degree. Congratulations (group hug)!

BTW, For those who feel like furthering your study in Sports Science, feel free to do so. It is fun! But do not expect things to go easy. There are a lot of mountains u need to climb. Sports science is not only physically active but u need to be mentally well-prepared as well. (Also Read: Degree Life)